Who Edited K-Lo’s Wikipedia Page?

Most people know Kathryn Lopez as the tireless blogger over at National Review’s “The Corner.”

Type in “National Review” into the new WikiScanner website, and this page appears.

There are seven edits on Lopez’s Wikipedia page. Here’s what was deleted (in bold):

  • She is the most frequent poster to “The Corner” – indeed for some stretches of time, the only poster – but as a result, her writing and sometimes logic tends to get sloppy.

  • Despite this level of visibility within the political opinion industry, no photographs of her are known to exist on the Internet, lending her an air of mystery to those who only know her writing.

  • Her [[nickname]] on the National Review Online [[blog]] “The Corner” is “K-Lo”, a wordplay comparing her to the celebrity actress and singer [[Jennifer Lopez]] (“J-Lo”).

Here’s what was added:

    Coincidentally, she also shows the most hostility to [[Star Trek]] and any references to it; it was under her editorship that the famous NRO Star Trek Ban was instituted. Lopez would do the same to Arlen Specter in the Senate if given the chance.

Things that make you go hmm….