Who Dat Fan? Gives Saints Faithful The Chance To Display Their Loyalty Through Reggie Bush’s Facebook Page

New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is calling on Saints fans to enter photos displaying their enthusiasm for the team, with three winners receiving an autographed bat that has come to symbolize the team’s battle cry of “Bring The Wood” during the NFL playoffs. The Who Dat Fan? contest is being run exclusively through Bush’s official Facebook fan page and is co-sponsored by Red Bull, who also has a sponsorship deal with Bush, and Activ8Social, which advises both Bush and Red Bull on social media strategy.

Fans are encouraged to submit photos that display their passion for the New Orleans Saints. There have already been hundreds of photos uploaded through the application. (The app was developed by Wildfire Interactive, who has handled other sports-related applications.) Once signing into the app, fans can vote for their favorite photo, with the highest vote getter receiving one of the three custom bats up for grabs. One of the three bats will go to a fan selected at random, while the final bat will be awarded to an entrant selected by a panel of judges.

The bats are symbolic of those handed out by head coach Sean Peyton to every Saint to embody the team’s playoff slogan of “Bring The Wood.” Reggie Bush made the bat famous when he ran out of the tunnel carrying it with him onto the field to start the NFC Championship game.

Bush’s Facebook page has a lot of personal content that’s regularly uploaded by the sports star, and the page has seen a huge surge in fan numbers since the Saints’ win in the NFC Championship game on Jan. 25, more than doubling from 31,000 fans to 81,000 fans. The page has also received added publicity from a couple of recent posts on the Celebs on Facebook fan page, which has a following of more than 2.4 million users.

The contest will run through Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 7), with the possibility that it may be extended should the Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts.