Who Carries Their iPad in Their Pants?

This might be because of a slow news day today, but TechCrunch has just posted an eye-catching photo. I’m at a loss for words, so I’ll let them explain it:

Every morning, my girlfriend walks through Grand Central Station in New York City on her way to work, and every morning, she sees something odd. Such is the nature of living in the Big Apple.

This happened: she saw a man — a regular dude in slacks and a button-down — carrying his iPad in his butt.

That is something I’ve never seen before. Have you?

I’ll admit that I sometimes carry my 7″ tablet around in a front pocket, but that’s only because the pocket is large enough for it to fit. I’d never consider shoving it into my belt; it might fall out. And that goes double for an iPad; it costs too much to be worth risking.