Who Are You Interviewing With?

Today’s “Ask The Recruiter” brings up a great point: a hiring manager’s interview style is going to be a lot different than a recruiter’s.

The jobseeker asks: “I’ve only ever interviewed with editors. Are there any differences in questions, styles or needs that I should be aware of?”

Joe Grimm responds:

In most cases, recruiters will be more experienced interviewers than the hiring managers they work with. Recruiters are talking to people several or many times a week, but hiring managers do it far less often.

Another difference is that you should expect the people who are actually filling positions to ask more specific and pointed questions.

The “specific and pointed questions” part is important to remember. A recruiter probably isn’t going to delve into your intimate knowledge of Drupal, Photoshop, or the intricacies of your very obscure beat. They’re looking for personality, chemistry, enthusiasm—and of course the skills required in the position, but as Grimm says, “Recruiters need to look for people who can work in several areas, and they may take a longer view of what a person’s hiring window might be.”

So when you’re scheduled for an interview, make sure you know who’ll be conducting it, and prepare accordingly.