Whitney Houston, Others Grace The Covers in Seventeen’s Archives

Did you know that Whitney Houston once appeared on the cover of Seventeen? Well, now you do – that’s her on the right in an amazingly long shirt thing that (sadly) is probably being worn by someone walking the streets of the Lower East Side right now.

The magazine has unveiled a huge collection of its covers to celebrate its 65th anniversary, and the young celebrities featured are surprising and sometimes fairly odd (Will Smith and Robert Redford!).

There’s Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Connelly, Cameron Diaz and even Claire Danes, obviously riding the My So Called Life high.

Not only are there a lot of celebrities, there’s some covers that stand out just because of the concept. In April of 1945, the issue was titled “Girl Meets Boy,” and the cover showed a girl and a guy engaged in a game of cat’s cradle. Apparently games played with string really got the sexual tension going back then.