Whitney Biennial Opens to Fanfare, Demographic Analysis

useless pie chart.gifToday marks the opening of the 74th Whitney Biennial, and it’s a doozy, bound only by the shaky poles of “heterogeneity and dispersal.” When an exhibition involves 81 artists who dabble in everything from “fluid communication structures and systems of exchange” to “calculated messiness” and radio broadcasts, it deserves more than description. It deserves demographics. ArtInfo is up to the task and offers “Whitney Biennial by the Numbers.” They break down the participating artists by the usual categories–gender, age, hometown–and then it gets interesting:

Artists whose work has involved human hair: 1

Artists whose work has involved artificial hair: 1

Female artists who have the same name as a hair stylist or regional news anchor: 2

Male artists who have the same name as a politician, U.S. Army General, or pro athlete: 7

Artists who studied Law at Yale: 1