Whither our scoopy, buckly Lloyd Grove?

the lloydster.png Today Gabe Sherman of the NYO brings uncertain tidings of the NYDN’s Lloyd Grove, and his scoopy, buckly column. Apparently Lloyd’s two-year term is almost up and his future at the Daily News is up in the air. That would suit Mickey Kaus at Slate just fine, apparently; he’d like Lloyd over at the LAT. Trans-continental intrigue! As Sherman points out, the LAT has no gossip columnist as opposed to New York — let alone the Daily News, which has Rush & Molloy, Bed Widdicombe and the growlingly, Gawkingly-hot Hudson Morgan, Lowdown deputy and rumored favorite of the TV cameras during the NYDN’s recent star turn for Bravo. We hope Lloyd stays; he, like David Gregory, is very tall, and was also very gracious about the belt buckle. It can’t be easy wielding a weapon of such incredible power.

p.s. We loved this line: “Mr. Kaus — a proponent of rear-wheel-drive cars and of Democrats bucking teachers’ unions — isn’t necessarily a prophet of the actual.” Snappity-snap, Gabe Sherman!