Whither National Journal?

So it’s been over three months since WETA and National Journal announced that they were joining forces for their “Washington Week with Gwen Ifill” program.

But, as this past Friday’s show demonstrated, it’s not entirely clear what National Journal is getting out of the gig, besides a token mention of “produced in association with National Journal.”

Panelists included ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, CBS News and US News & World Report’s Gloria Borger, The Washington Post’s Dan Balz and the New York Times’ David Sanger.

In fact, a look at their regular round-tablers includes only one National Journal writer–White House correspondent Alexis Simendinger.

What, were such NJ staffers as James A. Barnes, Carl M. Cannon, Lisa Caruso, Richard E. Cohen, James Kitfield, Julie Kosterlitz, Neil Munro and Paul Starobin all unavailable? What about columnists Clive Crook, William Powers, Jonathan Rauch and Stuart Taylor Jr.? Or Political Analyst Charles E. Cook Jr.?

Seems like there’s enough in-house talent at National Journal for “Washington Week” if they really wanted to reap the benefits of their partnership…