Whiter Ontology?

Dewey is out, Tags Are In

Dewey is out, Tags Are In

Right around the time that search engines were (supposed to be) turning into portals, Ontology was all the rage on the web. There were various efforts at all the big search companies to create user-generated (and managed) categories to organize the greater web. Interestingly, a cursory browsing of some of those former search sites (Infoseek, Netscape, et al) reminds me of who has cornered the market on search.

With the advent of sites like del.icio.us, the use of tags on photo sites like Flickr and Technorati’s new exhortation to Tag the Web! there’s a new way to track and organize information online.

While I might never tire of looking at photos of my dog. those people who hang over the fence at the Dog Run in Tompkins Square Park might want more variety. Browsing photos via the “Dog” tag on Flickr is a far more varied (and some might say interesting) experience.

Mappr, an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take is an outgrowth of the tags used on Flickr. By using locale tags they’ve created a fascinating new dimension for looking at images.