White House Writers Group, On Changing

The White House Writers Group — a “high stakes communications firm” that houses such conservative writers as Daniel Casse, Clark Judge — sent this note out to its supporters yesterday:

    As we all know, Washington is preparing for a significant change in the way government interacts with business, no matter which candidate wins the White House. While most corporations and coalitions are scrambling to find the right advice and assistance, I wanted to tell you how the White House Writers Group plans to approach this new era. …

    This new political age will not change the interests and needs of our clients – or our own perspective. But it will change the language and strategies required to succeed. As those who work closely with us know, we have been crafting approaches, alliances and arguments to fit this new period for some time now. In our view, the keys to success will be unsentimental realism in analyzing circumstances, strategies and goals, creativity in developing messages and employing communications vehicles, and ingenuity and flexibility in forging alliances.

    We suspect that over the next several months, the need to define positions and play a role in framing public debates will become increasingly urgent for every player in the Washington community. If you and your colleagues feel we can be of assistance, please feel free to call or visit us at our new address.

Fairly cryptic, indeed, although the subtext seems to be “what does a conservative communications firm do under an Obama administration and a Democratic Congress.”