White House Updates Mobile App in Time for Election

App boasts open source code and easy access to live Obama events

Not one to miss out on a digital trend, the Obama White House announced a reboot of its Apple and Android mobile app on Wednesday (Sept. 5) just in time for President Obama's convention speech Thursday night.

The app, which provides users with alerts for livestreams of presidential events, is most likely a sly move by the White House to draw more eyeballs to the president's campaign speeches as he traverses the country in the weeks before the election. The app also sports a sleek new design which enables users to scan blog posts and high-resolution White House photos. 

And for the technorati, and those voters turned on by innovation, the mobile app reboot also presents an opportunity for the White House to remind the world of its continued commitment to open source technologies. For instance, the app's code both for Apple's iOS software and Android is open for developers to tinker with.

Besides the updated app, the Obama campaign also unveiled a revamped mobile site on Wednesday. Indeed, at the end of the day, the mobile makeover's timing suggests that the president's campaign is looking to get its message and body of work in front of as many potential mobile-and-tablet-wielding voters as possible in a race where every vote counts.