White House Unveils @TheIranDeal

And a nemesis, too, is born.

Continuing its mutli-front defense of the Iran nuclear deal reached last week, the Obama administration has unveiled a Twitter account today aimed at promoting and defending the deal before it heads to Congress for review. Going by the handle @TheIranDeal, the account promises to “set the record straight” on any questions related to the deal.

It is the first time the administration has created a handle tied to a particular issue, according to a report by Politico.

Accompanying the handle is a new section of the White House website devoted to explaining the deal, replete with snappy infographics, in case you’re not up to reading all that text.

As was to be expected, the account already has its own social media nemesis, @TheIranBomb, whose account, from profile photos to its promise to “set the record straight,” is set up to mimic @TheIranDeal. It’s getting attention, yes, but not many followers.