White House CTO To Participate In Twitter Chat Today At 2pm ET

The White House’s Chief Technical Officer Todd Park (@Todd_Park) will be participating in a Twitter chat today at 2pm ET, answering questions about how the Obama administration is embracing technology.

Park is participating in the Twitter chat as part of DataSift‘s Big Data Week.

The chat will revolve around the hashtag #AskToddCTO. Questions are already being asked using that hashtag, and anyone interested in getting the ear of the White House CTO for a few minutes can ask their questions up until the chat at 2pm.

During the chat, participants are invited to continue asking questions for 30 minutes, as Park answers as many as he can get to. The focus of the chat is going to be on the White House’s Big Data Research and Development Initiative and how big data is involved with the health sector.

You can follow the questions and answers by following @Todd_Park or the #AskToddCTO hashtag.

If you haven’t been a participant in a Twitter chat before, TweetChat is a great tool for keeping up with the oftentimes fast-paced tweets. You can effectively put blinders on tweets that don’t contain the #AskToddCTO hashtag, so you’re only seeing the chat.

This is just one in a string of Twitter chats the White House has been hosting in recent months. They’ve been hosting regular Twitter “office hours”, where a senior staff member answers questions on Twitter for an hour, since August, and they’ve even hosted a Twitter “town hall” where Obama himself answered questions from the public.

What questions would you want to ask the White House’s CTO? Let us know in the comments below.

(Chat keyboard image via Shutterstock)