White House Scribes Get Word of Overseas Voyage

This just in from the White House Travel Office…

If you’re a White House reporter, it’s time to sign up for a White House trip to Guam, Indonesia and Australia in March.

Here’s the nutshell:

White House Travel Office Sign-up for Guam, Indonesia, and Australia — 3/18/2010 to 3/25/2010 — Registration Deadline is MARCH 1st, 2010 at 5:00 pm

A word on Visa applications: “Make sure handwriting is legible or type the application.”

Read more details after the jump…

The White House Press Charter is tentatively scheduled to depart from Andrews Air Force Base on the morning of March BLANK. The press charter will travel to Guam; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Canberra and Sydney, Australia. The return flight to Andrews AFB is scheduled to depart Sydney, Australia on March BLANK.