White House Scribe Calls MSNBC’s Olbermann ‘Careless’

Youngman (far right) with former Kentucky point guard and now Washington Wizards player John Wall

Sam Youngman, White House Correspondent for The Hill, fired a few rounds at MSNBC “Countdown” Host Keith Olbermann today for being “careless.”

Mediate reported today that on Wednesday night’s show Olbermann made an off-the-wall comment that the “professional left” remarks made by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs were made without ground rules. Youngman was the reporter who wrote that story after an extensive interview with Gibbs. Mediaite called him “unamused” by Olbermann’s assertions.

Asked if he was ever confused about so-called “ground rules” Youngman said in the story, “Robert has never disputed we were on the record. Nobody at the White House has. It would be nice if Olbermann would call me before he starts implying that I broke the rules. Of course, that’s just me thinking like an actual journalist.” He added, “I think anyone in Washington would attest to my reputation for adhering to the rules. I wonder if Olbermann can say the same thing.”

Youngman appeared on Olbermann’s show once during the ’08 presidential campaign. But there is no love lost. He told FishbowlDC: “I don’t think he was targeting me personally, but I do wish he wouldn’t be so careless, assuming that’s what it was.”

We reached out to Olbermann over Twitter, where he often likes to blast reporters with insults. So far, the bombastic host has no comment.