White House Pool Prize

Yahoo! News‘ Olivier Knox gets the prize for last night’s post midnight Pool Report for a couple of reasons. 1. He managed to make no news entertaining. 2. We like his self-deprecating vibe. 3. The almost danger factor of the clueless person driving the red Toyota provided tension, however fleeting. 4. See reason #1.

“In acknowledgement of the late hour: POTUS is back at the White House. You can open another door on your Election Year Advent Calendar and go to bed. Your pooler laid eyes on POTUS exactly once: As the president descended the air-stairs at Andrews. It would have needed two upgrades to qualify for ‘fleeting glimpse’ status Motorcade sped past a couple of saluting soldiers and out the gates.  The ride was unremarkable, though for about 8-10 minutes, a red Toyota Solara that could stand to be washed kept pace with Pool Van The First, apparently oblivious to occasional police lights flashing and unconcerned by the proximity of so many large black vehicles with government plates. The vehicle, bearing Maryland plates, eventually dropped back, sharply enough to suggest a sudden realization. (I can hear Collinson now: ‘Yeah. Great story, Olivier. Really felt like I was there.’). We pulled into the White House driveway, past what appeared to be a family (Mom, Dad, three kids) snapping cell phone pictures of the motorcade. Our van came to a halt at midnight outside the darkened residence.
We have a full lid.”