White House, Pentagon Go Social with News of Military Strikes in Iraq

This is the way we live in the present day: tweets announcing the launch of bombing campaigns against increasingly powerful insurgents in Iraq.

Note this preceding message for clarity:

So it did happen and it will continue to happen. But a few reporters jumped the gun.

Maybe we don’t know the specific objective (though the President did elaborate a bit in a somewhat open-ended press conference).

But thanks to Instagram, we do know what the decision-making scene looked like…

Here’s another disturbingly timely tweet:

A PR Week post compiled more examples of the White House’s social messaging on this breaking news, but John Herrman of The Awl asks the questions that really matter:

I wonder, when are you supposed to turn to your child and give the speech, in this new scenario? Do you give your stoic, “sometimes the country has to make hard decisions, and people get hurt,” talk as you fav or retweet? Do you shake you head and say, “war is never the answer, it only begets more war, never forget this,” as you close the browser tab?

Unfortunately, these queries are real and relevant.