White House Optimizes Social Media Just In Time For Election Season [STATS]

Last week, the White House conducted a “non-scientific” study of its Twitter followers and Facebook fans, to see how they interact with the governmental heavyweight. And the timing couldn’t be better for a social media revamp, as election season is just around the corner.

The stats that the White House got from their social media survey reveal just as much about their fans and followers as they do about the administration’s own social media priorities. For instance, the White House was curious about how often people share their content, and what type of content was most requested. This shows that the administration is interested in increasing the type of content that people will want to share.

Here are a few interesting stats gleaned from the survey of White House fans and followers:

  • The Twitter audience is younger than the Facebook audience, with 32% of Twitter users and 50% of Facebook users over the age of 50.
  • Twitter users appear to be more actively listening to the White House. 93% of Twitter users said they read a tweet from the White House at least once a week, while only 62% of Facebook users said the same.
  • 35% of survey respondents report retweeting content from the White House Twitter account at least once a month, compared to 56% of Facebook respondents sharing White House content on a monthly basis.
  • Survey respondents want to see more news-related posts, interactive posts and Photos of the Day

Conducting a survey like this likely means that the White House will be reevaluating its social media strategy in the coming weeks and months, refining it to be more share-able and informative. Of course, many people have speculated that the timing of this survey is auspicious, given that the 2012 presidential election campaign will soon be in full swing.