White House Gunning to be Ombudsman to All

LAME+DUCK+.jpgHot on the heels of criticizing Richard Engel’s NBC interview with President Bush the White House has jumped back in the media criticism fray accusing the NYTs of getting it wrong in a recent editorial on a new GI Bill. From the release:

Once again, the New York Times Editorial Board doesn’t let the facts get in the way of expressing its vitriolic opinions – no matter how misleading they may be…In today’s editorial, “Mr. Bush and the GI Bill”, the New York Times irresponsibly distorts President Bush’s strong commitment to strengthening and expanding support for America’s service members and their families.
Phew, you’d think the Times accused the President of playing golf, or something. But no, what they said was something like this,
So lavish with other people’s sacrifices, so reckless in pouring the national treasure into the sandy pit of Iraq, Mr. Bush remains as cheap as ever when it comes to helping people at home.

The NYT’s editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal tells Politico: “We said Bush opposes the Webb bill, he opposes the Webb bill…I don’t understand what’s misleading about it…the White House’s idea of a fair and balanced story is they’re right and going to win.” Or could it just be the quackings of a lame duck?