White House Correspondents Association Remembers Deborah

The following note was just sent out from the WHCA to White House reporters:

    For the past year, Deborah Orin-Eilbeck has fought her battle with cancer with courage and dignity. In an interview last month from her New York apartment, Deborah showed her passion for the story, her dogged determination in asking just the right questions, and her love of writing. Deborah said:

    “I think everybody’s role models in journalism maybe go back to the Second World War, people like Eric Sevareid, just the most immediate time, the sense when journalists were covering an amazing story and part of that story.”

    From the Reagan presidency and Iran-Contra, to September 11th and the Iraq War, Deborah Orin was part of every major story our time. She leaves behind a tremendous legacy, and her voice will be sadly missed in the White House briefing room. On behalf of her friends and colleagues, we offer our deepest sympathy to her beloved husband Neville and her family.