White House and Monster Prompt Questions on Facebook

Monster.com has launched a page on Facebook asking people to post questions addressed to the White House about the state of the job market.

Monster.com has launched a campaign on its Facebook page asking fans to post questions addressed to the White House about employment.

The seems like an odd coupling that appears to be a joint attempt to strengthen Monster.com’s brand while also doing the same thing for the president’s public image. Both the job website and Democrats appear to have lost some traction with the public because of the lackluster employment market.

As a taxpayer, I can’t help kvetching over the White House’s commitment of resources to this partnership. Even if it’s just an intern who’s ferreting questions from the site to paid staffers who can answer the questions, those individuals could all make much better use of their time by working on the employment situation more proactively.

Honestly, I’d rather see two federal government agencies with more involvement in the job market and the economy claim pages that are currently ones posted by the community. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics could answer questions about the job market in addition to posting updates about the latest surveys, the latter being something the agency already does on its own webpage. It would also be cool to see the Federal Reserve answer questions about the economy and solicit suggestions, neither of which the agency does on its webpage.

Readers, please let us know in the comments section what you think about Monster’s campaign for people to ask about employment. While we’re at it, what questions would you want to ask the White House about the job market?