White House and Cooper-Hewitt Kick Off Mini-Arts Week, Ending with Annual National Design Awards Luncheon with Michelle Obama


It’s that time of year again, for the annual National Design Awards luncheon at the White House, now with an all new First Lady at the helm. Following a couple of years of issues some designers had with the Bush presidency, we’re expecting none of the same troublesome excitement this year, now with Michelle Obama running this Friday’s luncheon (if the Cooper-Hewitt‘s PR people are kind enough to do so again this year, we’ll likely have photos of the even for you next Monday). What’s more, the White House and the Cooper-Hewitt have decided to spend this whole week building up to the annual get-together of award winners by celebrating arts and innovation in a variety of programs Monday through Friday (Tuesday being the most high profile, as it’ll be something of a “Country Music with the White House” day). But more pertinent to our interests, Friday will find a number of galleries and museums throughout the DC area holding design-related programming. Unfortunately, each of these will take place from 10am to 11am in five different locations throughout town, so unless you can be everywhere at once, you’ll have to pick which one you’ll want to go to.