Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: OC Register Finds “Innovation” In Old, Failed Business Model

19_horne1_large.jpg This very pale man is Terry Horne, publisher of the Orange County Register. You’re not familiar with his face because he’s been hiding it, not only from the sun, but from readers and employees of the Orange County Register.

Well, apparently his seclusion was time well spent. In his first interview since assuming office five months ago, Horne announced a series of changes to help the faltering paper and quite possibly the entire newspaper industry:


Remember that failed business model of the 1980s? Well, it’s back like a smelly pair of sockless loafers, my friend. OCR is dividing local news into “six separate geographic zones.” But this being the aughts, zoning is taking a new, cyber-rific twist:

“That may mean less news in the flagship Register newspaper, while community newspapers expand. A different line up will be offered on the Internet aimed at a younger, tech-savvy audience that doesn’t read newspapers.”

That’s right. There’s now going to be a Cyber-Zone addition to reach all those “younger, tech-savvy” types who took a look at the Register and decided long ago to, um, zone out.