Whiny Letter to the Editor

DCist‘s Dweeb in Residence Ben Freed, who is dying to take over WaPo Ezra Klein’s reign as FishbowlDC Fan Club President, wrote in Wednesday afternoon to whine about us not giving him a link. Rather than squabble with him over email or Twitter, we’re going to address him here. And while Freed is not an AnonymASS, we think the picture fits.

Hey Betsy! Thanks for the shout-out this morning. Quick request, if you’re going to quote a DCist story, however cheekily said story is written, would you mind throwing us a link? Here’s our article about The Daily Caller’s gun contest. Besides, we wouldn’t want your trusty readers to miss out on the fact that the story in question threw some traffic your way.

Much obliged,
Benjamin R. Freed
Illustrious Dweeb, DCist.com
Note to Freed: Hey Ben! We link to journalists’ stories all day long and happily so. But we do so when they report something new or interesting. You know, when they actually break news. Your story on The Daily Caller was neither new or interesting and broke nothing. When you bring something new to the table then we will link to you. And here’s a clue for you in furthering warm relations between our sites, when you’re linking to FBDC because we break something, try not insulting us just because you loathe having to give us a link. We purposely left off your self-promoting link in the letter above. Why? You haven’t earned it.