While You’re There, You Can Buy a $60 Millon Dollar 1 Bedroom!

Unlike this writer, who is staying in Chicago for Finally Clean Up Your Damn Apartment Week, if you’re going to be hitting up the New York Design Week, starting on the 12th, the place to be, it sounds like, is the kick-off event in Dumbo, Bklyn Designs 2006. St. Ann’s Warehouse in the hipper-than-hip neighborhood under the bridge, is the event’s epicenter, but the whole area will be swarming with things to look at, touch, drink, and eat (though probably only the cheap cheese and wine with those last two — we know from experience that people don’t like it when you try to eat their exhibits — we apologize again, stupid Birds of America wing of the Museum of Natural History! Geez.). Here’s a bit of the rundown:

BKLYN DESIGNS exhibitors are selected by a jury, which includes prominent designers as well as editors from leading design and shelter magazines. All exhibitors will show their newest made-in-Brooklyn collections. For many, it will be their very first trade show exhibit. This gives attendees a chance to be among the first in the world to see the new design trends as they are being set. The complete exhibitor list, which will top 50 firms this year, will be posted in the coming weeks.

The show will also feature inspiring design events and consumer demonstrations that are all free with admission. Pre-registered professional members of the design trade can attend free all day on opening day (Friday, May 12).

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