While You Were Out: Reggie Jackson Strikes Out on PR, Curses a Fan

We don't think those were baseball terms...

While the PRNewserverse took a break during the weekend, the world of public relations kept on spinning…so we thought we’d catch up on the news with a new series we’re calling “While You Were Out.”

By now, you have become acquainted with our other highly acclaimed series: Pitch Please, The (Daily) Ticker, Roll Call, Spin the Agencies of Record and our not-really-patented #5Things lists.

This series will be for the PR stories that have already spun out of the news cycle…but still merit a Monday mention.

reggie jackson

The nod for the inaugural post goes to an MLB Hall-of-Famer known as “Mr. October.” Reggie Jackson went on a tirade during an autograph session in Cooperstown, N.Y.

One of the biggest pet peeves of athletes is when those pesky armchair critics get in line for something to get signed, and then realize they have a paper napkin or a dirty sock that could go for a few bucks on eBay if it only had a signature.

That’s when those tools get back in line. Reggie is not a fan of that move, and so he did (masterfully) what you see in the video below.

Note to any of you autograph hounds out there: Don’t ever go back for seconds.

[VIDEO: TMZ Sports]