While Debates Continue About iPhone Enterprise Readiness, NetSuite Launches an iPhone Business Dashboard App

Screenshot courtesy of NetSuite

I still see a lot of debate about whether the iPhone is enterprise-ready or not. While it could still use some enterprise feature additions, it is clearly being adopted by people working in enterprise environments regardless of whether or not it is officially supported there. And, here comes another iPhone app focused on solely on the enterprise…

NetSuite 1.0

CRM/ERP vendor NetSuite describes like this in their press release:

This is the very first cloud computing mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) app available in the App store which means that for the first time, businesses can run their financials on their iPhones.
Everyone knows an ERP system contains the kind of information that’s the lifeblood
of the business – financials, orders, inventory, billing information and more
– it’s the kind of data that, if its readily available, can make a material impact
to the business.

The iPhone app itself is free and serves, I imagine, as a good way to keep customeres enticed enough to pay for the server software as well as annual maintenance fees (quite normal for enterprise apps).