Which Words Are On the Google Instant Blacklist?

Most of them are words that can lead to pornography sites, but some are head-scratchers, like “Latina” and “are.”

Mashable links to a site called 2600 for the list that they’ve compiled containing the words that are restricted by Google Instant. Typing in these words won’t deliver the usual results a visitor would get from other searches.

According to Google, they’re trying to protect people, children in particular, from pornography sites or websites that depict violence or other potentially offensive behavior. The restriction is caused by an algorithm that’s also used for functions like Autocomplete.

But Mashable raises the point that some of the words, like “lesbian” and “bisexual,” (or “Latina”) could cause a PR problem. “Type them in to Google and the instant search will immediately stop delivering new results. You have to hit enter to confirm, yes, you really do want to know about something in some way related to bisexuals or lesbians,” the post reads.

A Google spokesperson sent a statement in response. “Our algorithms look not only at specific words, but compound queries based on those words, and across all languages,” it reads. “This system is neither perfect nor instantaneous, and we will continue to work to make it better.”