Which Word Best Captures Epic #AskJPM Fail: ‘Evil’ or ‘Satan?’

That, ladies and gentlemen, was a social media disaster for the ages. In an apparent attempt to connect with the common man, JP Morgan Chase announced an “online discussion” with vice chairman Jimmy Lee that was supposed to occur today before things very quickly went to…well, you know:

Who knew social media “engagement” isn’t always a good thing? In a show of just how poorly planned this event turned out to be, “evil” and “Satan” were two of the terms most commonly used in tweeters’ super-earnest questions.

We feel you, bros—but we also prefer a little more subtlety in our critiques. Some favorites after the jump.

There was a point to this exercise: Lee was supposed to be offering career advice to students. In case you’re wondering how to do this sort of thing right, Goldman Sachs held a live Q&A with its Global Head of Financing last month to discuss “corporate financing trends in Latin America”. It was too boring too generate any headlines, which is a good thing!!

In short, if you really want to talk to people then you have to limit the scope of the forum somehow. Otherwise the Internet won’t even bother spitting out your bones after it destroys and consumes you.

Here’s our own way-too-late-to-the-game-as-usual attempt at a “legitimate” question, prompted by today’s story about JPM bribing its way into the graces of Chinese officials by hiring one of their daughters:

There may have been some good to come out of this fiasco: Chase now has a slightly better picture of its extremely poor standing in the court of public opinion. Now excuse us while we go get cash from our Chase checking account to buy lunch.