Which Type of Wikia Superfan Are You?

Fan girl, Gen-Z or pop classic

What kind of Wikia fan are you?

A massive, 100,000-person survey by the popular wiki farm and audience insights company VisualDNA has classified Wikia users according to nine groups, unearthing potentially valuable consumer data for advertisers.

 Wikia fans are categorized as game heroes (gamers), digital DNA (always connected users), social entertainers (clique leaders), culture casters (music nerds), inquisitive minds (creative types), influence-hers (family women), fan girls (female tweens), Gen Z (tech-savvy kids) or pop classic (comic book aficionados).

While entertainment advertising is a natural fit for Wikia, Dirk Herbert, head of strategy and planning at FCB Global, said it can get tricky when it comes to some CPG advertisers it works with, which include Ghirardelli and Kikkoman.

“[The Wikia study] will spark thinking outside what is usually done in the category to do something that the target audience is passionate about,” he said.

For example, knowing that the group social entertainers—made up of older c females to young baby boomers—love gabbing about fashion might lead to a campaign that, while promoting food, includes fashion themes.

Added Jennifer Betka, svp of marketing at Wikia: “If a brand chooses to engage with fans, they can do so in a way that doesn’t pander to them.”