Which Titles Can You Lend Through Kindle Lending?

Last week Amazon launched the Kindle Lending program, through which readers can share eligible Kindle books among friends.

We launched an unofficial Kindle Lending Discussion Board on the GalleyCat Facebook page, for readers looking to share Kindle books. So far, we have found that the lending program doesn’t include a ton of titles. Our Facebook fans have been discussing these challenges and what they’d like to read:

Marla H BaneJan posted: “Out of 130 Kindle books, only 14 or so of mine are loanable so this is pretty limited right now.”

Melody Wilson wrote: “I would like Cormac McCarthy Border Trilogy or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy…”

GalleyCat has more: “This GalleyCat editor performed a quick search of his own Kindle library, discovering that out of ten randomly chosen titles, only two books could be shared. Both sharable titles were published by Macmillan: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier.”

Which titles are you able to share? Which would you like to share?