Which Social Networks Had the Most Fans in 2011? [Infographic]

Which social network should your business focus on in 2011?   You might already know which social media sites get the most traffic, but if you want to know which brands and media outlets have found their niches on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you might want to take a look at this infographic.

Facebook is currently leading in overall fan growth for media sites and brands on social media sites.  If the pie chart below were an actual pie, the brands on Google+ probably just said, “no thanks, I’m on a diet;” then the media sites on Twitter said, “okay, one more piece.”

But the top media sites and brands on each platform are more interesting.  Both Twitter and Facebook users love YouTube, while Google+ users are a little more focused on technology trends on Mashable.   It is a little surprising that the video-sharing site didn’t take the number one spot on Google+, considering that Google owns YouTube.

In brands, Twitter followers love the pricey, but good-for-you Whole Foods Market, while Facebook fans like the beverage company Coca-Cola.  Google+users like to shop, with the clothing retailer H&M having the most fans.  It was also fun to see that the number two brand on Google+ is Dell, a company whose products most people use, despite how much they say they love Apple.

Overall, it looks like Facebook is still the best place for brands, but Twitter is gaining on them in the media, and seems to be the best place for news outlets.  But the year is young.  Will 2012 be a better year for Google+?

Image by Lisa F. Young via Shutterstock

Infographic Source: econsultancy.com via Luciana on Pinterest