Which New Tech Products Impressed PR/Ad Execs at SXSW?

Via Interbrand and New York agency Ready Set Rocket.

South by Southwest is over: no more pitches, no more panels, no more barbeque (sad face). Earlier today, Chad Latz of Cohn & Wolfe wrote that, despite what you may hear about Meerkat, the real winner of SXSW 2015 was “The Maker Movement” and the many opportunities it creates for agencies and their clients.

For another quick take, here’s a video produced by Interbrand and New York agency Ready Set Rocket, who spoke to executives from Marina Maher CommunicationsBandsInTown (which is a pretty cool app), The Ad Council, and more on what they liked in the wearables category:

So here’s what we got:

  • A Google-proof company called Listener(?)
  • Epidermal skin tattoos (with embedded sensors, of course)
  • A jacket that changes color with the wearer’s brain waves
  • A couple of different audio headsets(?)
  • Misfit
  • Nest

Looks like we didn’t miss much in the way of products we might actually buy and use, but we do wish we’d had a chance to try the barbeque.

There’s always next year.