Which Media/Design Holiday Parties Can’t Be Stopped?

Jack Frost is already nipping at our nose (at least in New York City), but in these dark economic times, who can splurge on chestnuts, much less an open fire on which to roast them? As news of cancelled holiday parties continues to trickle in, the mediabistro.com mothership wants to know who will be singing yuletide carols and/or dressing up like eskimos this season, and so the hunt is on for The Media Parties That Will Go On, Come Hell or High Water.

If your company is still planning a holiday party, tell mediabistro.com here. Fill in the short form, and don’t be stingy on the details. (Will there be open bar? Homemade cookies? Top shelf alcohol or just beer, wine, and pretzels?) The assumption will be that your holiday party is closed to non-company attendees, so when asked for info that does not apply (i.e., “How to RSVP”) just write “N/A” in those fields. Then, in a week or so, the mediabistro.com elves will compile the entire list and present it for all to view in the new events newsletter, The Press List.

Spread some cheer and submit your holiday party