Which Is Worse: The Constant Facebook Updater or The Too Many Retweets Guy?

Facebook and Twitter may be great ways to stay in contact with people that are important to you but it is also unfortunately invaded by your annoying friends from real life on the web. Here we argue which is worse, the Facebook friend who constantly updates or the friend on Twitter who retweets way too much.

Everyone who has a Facebook page or a Twitter page knows at least one of these types of followers. The choice though is which one is worse, the constant Facebook updater or the too many retweets guy?

Facebook: You wake up in the morning and check out what’s going on in your own little world that is Facebook. What do you see? “Tom: I just went for a 3 mile run this morning, it was brisk but it felt great.” Not only does this guy always post everything he does, he is making you feel guilty the first moment you wake up.

Twitter: Facebook’s purpose is to update those in your own little world what is going on. Twitter on the other hand is meant for updates of the world. Twitter is where you go to see what Conan is doing on his show tonight or what Bill Simmons thinks about LeBron James. When you have a follower on Twitter that is retweeting every important item on the net, it is overkill. I already know what Conan said and I already know that Zynga came out with a new game today, because I already follow them. If I wanted to hear what Justin Beiber said, I would follow him.

Facebook: The Retweet guy is just trying to help out those who have not heard the great news. The constant Facebook updater is adding to your News Feed that is already seemingly endless with new posts from last night. The Facebook guy is pushing important updates further down the News Feed by letting you know that last night he didn’t sleep well.

Twitter: Well maybe Tom didn’t sleep well last night, at least it is an original thought. The retweet guy is not creative enough to come up with a clever enough line so instead he just parrots someone else’s thoughts.   Worse than that, if he thinks that the line was good enough he will retweet it later in the day just in case people didn’t get his earlier retweet, this is known as the double retweet. By the way retweet guy, we got your message the first time, we don’t need to be reminded of your lack of creativity.

Facebook: Not only does the constant Facebook updater fill your News Feed with uninteresting personal comments, but he also name drops. “Tom: Last night me, Jill, Seth, and Jack had a crazy time you all should have been there.” Its one thing to name drop that you follow The Daily Show, but it is another thing to name drop who you were hanging out with last night. We get it guy you were hanging out with a few friends last night, congratulations, hurray for you, oh yeah I don’t care.

Twitter: You are right a name dropper is annoying, but at least that is fresh news. The constant retweet guy loves to be the CNN of twitter, “Michael Jackson just died, retweet me.” Thanks guy, you were just the fifth person to inform me of that breaking news, how about you leave big breaking news to the news agencies and just go retweet a joke from The Onion.

Facebook: But we can both agree worse than a constant Facebook updater and a the guy that does too many retweets is the guy who rewrites a retweet in their own words and takes all of the credit, that is a social media faux pas.

Twitter: That is absolutely true, but I can top you. How about the guy that rewrites a clever tweet in their own words takes credit and then asks for retweets from all of his followers. Oh and by the way thanks for agreeing with me that the obsessive retweet guy is worse.

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