Which format has the cheapest eBooks? (infographic)

If you’re as cost-conscious as I am, then you probably ponder this question all the time. PC Pro looked into the price of eBooks on the UK market and while the data dates from June, it still provides a useful snapshot of the eBook market.

They compared the prices of books in 4 different formats: paper, Kindle, Epub, and iBooks. The books in question were all on the Times bestseller list. As you can see from the infographic below, the digital formats weren’t a whole lot cheaper than the paperback or hardback. The comparisons also showed that the UK Kindle Store usually had the best prices about half the time. It might only be a small difference but it will add up over time.

BTW, this price survey ran into a few difficulties; 4 of the 40 titles weren’t avaialble as eBooks and another 15 were not available in app digital formats.