Which 15 Firms Made the Inc. 5000 List?


First: a Happy Summer Friday to everyone.

We here at PRNewser don’t really like to facilitate competition among our friends and associates in the industry. And we don’t generally post on firms winning awards because, you know, that’s kind of your job.

You know what we do like, though? Lists. Everyone likes lists!

When it comes to businesses, a spot in the Inc. 5000 is like the “my kid is an honor student at X Middle School” bumper sticker you can put on your agency van to remind everyone that you’ve done a pretty good job as a parent. We get it — we once wrote those releases ourselves.

Since we’ve gotten a few emails about the newly released Inc. list for 2014, we figured we’d do a bit of reading and rank the firms that scored a spot in the (reverse) order in which they appear.

Not to encourage competition, remember…

Some clarifications: in order to qualify, businesses must apply and submit detailed financial information certified by their respective CPAs and farmed out to their interns, etc. etc. A $1M annual revenue requirement also eliminates some otherwise worthy firms from competition. But you knew that.

Here, then, are the listings that we’ve found:

4892. Formula PR

Formula is the first firm to make the list less than a month after we posted on their Dunkin’ Donuts California expansion account win.

Coincidence? Most certainly.

4447. Cohn Marketing

The second-best known Cohn in the field has also earned a mention or two on this fair blog in years past, but this placement probably has a lot more to do with its 60% growth rate over the past three years.

4315. Linhart Public Relations

Linhart makes its third appearance on the list this year — a fact that may, in part, be attributed to its high marks for social media.

4084. Prosek Partners

While we’ve yet to meet Prosek in the flesh, they do live nearby and they do follow us on Twitter. Maybe a coffee date is in order…

3750. Fish Consulting

3296. Mindfire Communications

3153. Dodge Communications

This healthcare-focused firm from Georgia obviously made the list via a combination of hard work, great clients and a recent appearance in our own “Spin the Agencies of Record“.

3061. DiGennaro Communications

DiGennaro holds a special place in our hearts as one of the very few NY firms specializing in performing PR services for advertising agencies.

Thanks for all the AgencySpy pitches and anonymous tip follow-ups, guys. Keep up the good work — and please know that the trolls annoy us as much as they annoy your clients.

2718. Max Borges Agency

2131. Steve LeVine Entertainment and Public Relations

1993. J Public Relations

Another firm we hear from quite a bit, J is always good at sending us new client information and handling our gentle ribbing.

Quote from Jamie Lynn Sigler, Founding Partner:
“It’s such an honor to be named on the Inc. 5000 list for the second year running.  We achieved our 205% growth with a simple formula; we focus on growing our agency one happy client at a time where relationships and client service trumps all.  The true credit goes to our team members, on both coasts, who work tirelessly for our clients to make this level of success possible.”

1761. Highwire Public Relations

1560. Walker Sands

This Chicago shop made its second appearance on the list this year, but the WS name appears in our inbox quite a bit!

For what it’s worth, many of their team’s pitches are very good. And when we make friendly suggestions, they always respond quickly.