Which Cities Do Instagram Users Love? (Infographics)

The state of New York and New York City were featured most frequently using the #citylife hashtag.

Instagram isn’t just the home of a body positivity movement or a network for sharing food porn–it’s a place where people share their latest adventures. Whether it’s far-flung destinations or the history of their local neighborhood, people love to share their favorite places on Instagram.

AreaVibes, which identifies the best places to live in the U.S by assigning a “Livability Score,” searched Instagram for #CityLife and sorted through all of the posts to find out what users like to include the most when capturing their favorite cities.


No surprise here: New York and New York City topped were the top state and city, respectively, featured with the #citylife hashtag. Boston, Illinois and Pennsylvania were among the top 10 cities and states, all beloved for their historic landmarks and cityscapes. According to the report, Miami is also making a name for itself as a #citylife vacation destination.


While the expectation was that the big tourist draw cities would also be the home of the most pride, Indiana showed the most pride using the #CityLife hashtag, with a focus on football and craft beer. When it comes to activities, Baltimore reigns supreme for drinking and sports, while Denver topped the list for entertainment.

To see more charts and find out more about what makes #citylife Instagram worth, check out the full report.