Which Brands Won March Madness on Social?

Data from Sysomos.

The tournament is over and Coach K is making the morning show rounds, but a question remains: which brands made the most of March Madness?

First, did you know that March Madness represents a bigger marketing spend for clients than the Super Bowl? That’s been true since 2013.

So which brands got the most attention during the event on social?

Sysomos, the social analysis software provider, ranked the top eight by mentions and sentiments.

The winners were:

1. AT&T

The telephone provider is the easy winner thanks to the work of advertising AOR BBDO, PR AOR Fleishman Hillard, and a few rock stars:

2. Bing

The Microsoft engine got a lot of mentions after spending a lot of money, but its sentiment was low…and this was before blogs called the brand out for turning a Wisconsin fan into a Duke fan.

3. UPS

Partnering with a winner for your CSR campaign is always a good strategy.

4. Enterprise

Another smart partnership paid off.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings

When Bloomberg reviews your (hugely successful) business strategy, you know you’ve done something right. Of course, wings and sports tournaments are a perfect pair…

6. Capital One

Another music sponsorship and a series of ads starring Samuel L. Jackson and Charles Barkley? That’s a win.

7. LG Electronics

The company went all out on its “game day hub” project.

…of course a corporate sponsor would say that (but they were right).

8. Infiniti

Another multi-part sponsorship: the “Infiniti Lounge” and the “Coaches vs. Cancer” fundraising initiative.

Our conclusion? You have to spend money to make impressions. Tough to judge the work of the agencies behind these campaigns, but the clients were all winners.

Here’s the infographic: