Can You Guess Which American City Tweets The Most? San Francisco, New York or Washington?

Sorry, West Coast. You may be ‘Silicon Valley,’ the place of social media entrepreneurs’ dreams, and the home base of every major Internet company, but when it comes to Tweets, New York is king. Yes, the fast-paced Big Apple topped even the home base of Twitter itself, San Francisco, in claiming the top spot on the latest “top Twitter cities” rankings of social media savvy cities.

The new report from NetProspex, a sales and marketing database company, found New Yorkers were most likely to connect in 140 characters or less, followed closely by San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

And just as New Yorkers would tweet that ‘brown is the new black’ or ’40 is the new 30,’ the report claimed ‘Twitter is the new phone,’ writing, “A Twitter username is becoming just as important as a phone number to reach and engage with customers and prospects.”

The “top Twitter cities” were defined by NetProspex as the cities with “the most active businesspeople on Twitter.” The company determined the list by examining employees’ Twitter presences, assessing the average number of Tweets and the average number of followers and average number of profiles being followed.

Sacramento, Calif., Phoenix, Ariz., Denver, Colo., Las Vegas, Nev., Los Angeles, Calif., Cincinnati, Ohio and Wilmington, Del. rounded out the rest of the top ten in the top Tweets list. The full list of the “top 50 Twitter cities” can be found here.

The Twitter rankings were part of the company’s broader Fall 2010 “Social Business Report” released this week.

The report found that while New Yorkers tweet, the West Coast still reigns supreme when it comes to overall social media usage. San Jose, Calif., San Francisco, Calif., Los Angeles, Calif., Denver, Colo. and Seattle, Wash., all cracked that Top 10 list, while New York and Boston, Mass. were the only two east coast cities making the Top 10.

Do you agree with the rankings? Did your city make the list?