Where’s the Ecommerce Conversation on Social? (Infographic)

Data from Pressley and Epictions indicates that articles are the most popular form of e-commerce content and LinkedIn is where more than 50 percent of the conversation takes place.

There is no end to the guides and information about e-commerce online. But where are the best places to find this content? Which sites give e-commerce content the best traction, and where does the most discussion happen? An infographic from social engagement platform Epictions and content marketing software provider Pressley shows the state of e-commerce content sharing.

The infographic uses from data collected as part of a study called The Content Scope. To generate the e-commerce data, Epictions analyzed traffic around keywords like ‘eCommerce’ and ‘Boost online sales.’ The search revealed more than 715,000 shares and retweets, more than 32,600 social media comments, and more than 4,800 unique link shares.

Linkedin is the most dominant platform in terms of shares, and accounts with 56 percent of the conversation. Twitter accounts for 30 percent of shares, while Facebook and Stumbleupon are the top channels for likes and comments. e-commerce content generate 149 shares per post and seven comments per post on average.

Articles are far and away the top type of content in the e-commerce conversation space: almost 99 percent of industry posts are simply articles. Videos, podcasts, and presentations are much less popular, according to the data.

Given the meteoric rise in video views in recent months and years this may seem strange, but maybe it’s because the favored style of content — checklists, list, and tips — doesn’t translate particularly well into video.

Shorter content seems to be favored among readers, as nearly 70 percent of the content distributed has less than 1,000 words.

Several platforms which host much of the e commerce content receive very high engagement. 53 posts on Hubspot received an average of 846 shares, and 57 posts on Econsultancy received an average of 590 shares.

65 Linkedin articles received an average of 117 shares – the highest among the mainstream social networks. Top publishers included practicalecommerce.com and shopify.com.

For more information view the infographic below, or download the report from Pressley.