Where’s My Perry?, The Amazing Spider-Man and more on this week’s Android app charts

The very top of the Android charts were once again dominated by apps we’ve seen many times before. However, some new apps managed to make impressive debuts, most likely because of the popularity and support of the bigger franchises behind them. Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man benefited from a simultaneous release alongside the movie, putting it at No. 24 on the top grossing Android app chart.  Disney’s Where’s My Perry? also had a strong debut, making its first appearance in our top paid Android apps roundup in the No. 2 spot.

This week’s top grossing Android apps

Final Fantasy III — We kick off our roundup of the top grossing Android apps this week at the No. 7 spot with Square Enix’s remake of Final Fantasy III, the classic role-playing game first released in 1990. The mobile version of the game updated with full 3D graphics was first released on other devices in 2006. This recent Android release was last updated July 4. Its been installed more than 10,000 times since then, an impressive feat considering its outstandingly high $15.99 price tag.

Strikefleet Omega —  Jumping to the No. 14 spot is we find 6waves’ Strikefleet Omega, a fast-paced strategy game in which players command a fleet of spaceships. The free-to-play game was last updated on June 28 with weekly leaderboards for survival mode and stability improvements.

The Amazing Spider-Man — Further down the list at No. 24 is Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man. With over 10,000 installs since June 28 the game benefit heavily from the popularity of the newly released Spider-Man movie. In the game players take control of the titular super hero, guiding him through all five of New York’s boroughs. The July 4 update to the game fixed installation and stability issues users reported after its initial release. The game requires 2GB of free space for installation, and is currently priced at $6.99.

Avatar Fight At the No. 60 spot is VirtueSoft’s Avatar fight, a free-to-play PvP-focused role-playing game in which players can join guilds and participate in contests to win and grow their avatar. The game was last updated on June 27 with new pets and weapons.

Drag Racing: Bike Edition Creative Mobile’s Drag Racing: Bike Edition closes our chart in the No. 65 spot. The game is an extension of the developer’s popular Drag Racing title. Players in Drag Racing: Bike Edition  can play with friends in four online modes. The July 4 update added a time limited offer (ending July 8) that includes an exclusive racer outfit and an additional racing track. The game has been installed more than five million times. Drag Racing: Bike Edition is free to download.

This week’s top free Android apps 

YouTube — We start off our list of the top free Android apps at the No. 3 spot with Google’s official YouTube app. Considered by many to be indispensable, the utility allows users to keep up with their favorite Youtube channels and videos. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

The Weather Channel — Moving way down the list to the No. 32 spot we have the official app of The Weather Channel, which made news recently when it announced its buyout of competitor Weather Underground. The Weather Channel app features an animated and customizable radar map with Google Maps functionality and severe weather alerts for the US or Europe. The most recent July 5 update added support for over 40 languages, widget bug fixes on Ice Cream Sandwich and more.

PicsArt — Next up in the No. 44 spot is PicsArt, an all-in-one picture editor and photo art community which has been installed more than 10 million times since it was first released. The app was last updated on July 4 with new effects and photo editing tools.

Plumber — Next up we have Magma Mobile’s Plumber, a pipe puzzle game that challenges players to prevent floods. The game includes an arcade mode and a challenge mode with varying levels of difficulty. It was last updated on July 5 with 100 new levels, bug fixes and Portuguese and Swedish translations. Plumber is free to download and was installed more than one million times since it was first released. It’s this week’s No. 47 most popular free Android app.

Shazam — Finally the popular music identification service Shazam closes out our free Android app chart in the No. 48 spot. The app allows users to identify music they hear, share it to Twitter and Facebook, and buy MP3s from Amazon. It was last updated on June 14.

This week’s top paid Android apps

Where’s My Perry? — We start off this weeks list of top paid Android apps with Disney’s Where’s My Perry, a spin-off of its existing hit Where’s My Water featuring Agent P Perry from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. The game features more than 80 puzzles across four chapters and promises free updates. The app is off to a promising start, debuting in the top five and quickly making its way to the No. 2 spot. It costs $0.99 and has been installed more than 10,000 times since it was first released.

Dead Trigger — Madfinger Games also posts a very strong debut for its new game Dead Trigger which comes in at the No. 9 spot. The game is a full 3D first person shooter with high end visuals and a zombie theme. It costs $0.99 and features a variety of in-app purchases.

Talking Ted Uncensored — Coming in at the No. 42 spot is NBC Universal’s Talking Ted Uncensored app, a-tie in with the hit movie Ted. The app lets users control Ted’s actions and record a video to share with friends. The app was last updated on July 2 with five more famous lines from the movie and five more animations. The app costs $0.99 and has been  installed more than 1,000 times since it was released.

Epidemic — Rachelle Keblitis’s game Epidemic takes the No. 54 spot. In the game players are tasked with eliminating the human race with their virus. The game was last updated on July 1 with various bug fixes. It costs $0.99.

MLB.com At Bat 12 — Closing out our paid apps roundup this week is MLB Advanced Media’s MLB.com At Bat 12 app. The self proclaimed “#1 sports app of all-time” which allows users to see full games, highlights, and various statistics takes the No. 68 spot. The $9.99 app is an Editors’ Choice with over 50,000 installs since it was first released. It was last updated on June 29 with performance improvements and support for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game.