Where’s Judy?

October 2: Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources

    KURTZ: I was hoping I would wake up this morning and see in my “New York Times” and read a 5,000-word piece by Judith Miller telling us everything that was involved. She has no more legal liability here. Matt Cooper did it. No piece in the paper today.

One week later, still no piece, despite this sentence in Kit Seelye’s Oct. 4 NYTimes piece.

    Ms. Miller was introduced by Bill Keller, the executive editor, who said the newspaper planned to publish a full account of Ms. Miller’s case. He said the article could appear as soon as this weekend.

While they did acknowledge “delays” because of the new double super-secret notes, one has to believe that these delays by Miller and the NYTimes are certainly not helping to dispel the mountain of questions and criticism facing them.