Where's Google Twitter Search?

I decided to continue making this a Twitterful Tuesday and post yet another post about Twitter. I just read a post by Sam Lawrence about the current Twitter search tools available. He mentions that for some reason Twitter statuses aren’t showing up in Google. I would argue that the primary reason for this is that there aren’t enough microblogging services. In contrast to blog search which searches multiple platforms a Twitter search would be branded.

As such Google doesn’t want to actively promote another brand. I would say Google has somewhat of a conundrum on their hands. In blogging, the platform you use to push out content doesn’t really matter because that content ends up on various websites. Contrast this with Twitter which for the most part has content centralized in one location (with an API that enables you to extend it elsewhere). If Google is going to start search microblogging search service, other competitors are going to have to gain some traction.

Currently I don’t do much search through twitter but I’d definitely use it for finding information on specific topics. It’s also a great way to find links related to a topic. In a world full of infinite content, Twitter is a useful tool for finding timely information. Do you think that there would be any benefit to developing another search tool for Twitter when Tweetscan already does a great job? How do you search through Twitter?