Where Y’all Going to Watch the Elections Tonight?

Sure it’s just an off-year election, but it is DC, so there are plenty of bars with TVs to post up at and watch the returns. Here are a few of FishbowlDC’s favorites. Sorry their all in NW (that’s where we live). But you probably do too, dear reader, if we’re being honest. Let us know if you have any dives, saloons, speakeasies, lounges, cocktail bars, gutters, etc… elsewhere in the city that ought to be added to the list.


Nellies’s Sports Bar @ 900 U St. NW: Election coverage is in the Pub Room tonight. If you haven’t been before, be prepared to either oogle/envy the boys on staff. The only gay sports bar in town isn’t picky about their clientele -breeders and homos alike are welcome -but if you get squeamish about tight tees and tighter buns, maybe this isn’t your place. Also Karaoke at 9:00 if things get too dismal to watch on TV (NJ Dems, VA Reps, I’m looking at you). Also if Joe happens to be working, tell him Tutwiler sent you and you just may get a hook-up…at the bar of course!

Lou’s City Bar @ 1400 Irving St. NW: It’s brand spanking new and has a killer Slider Special tonight until 7:00. You can post up at the Big Top or at Bar Two. There’s also a pretty cool covered patio, but that will likely be taken over by the jock crowd. After all, it is The Washington Post Editor‘s “Best NFL & College Football Bar.”

Iron Horse Tap Room @ 507 7th NW: If you’re just getting off work downtown (poor babies), you might wanna head over to the Iron Horse. Just go downstairs and ask them to flip it over to CNN (or MSNBC, or Fox! Jeesh. Or wait, how about PBS?) There’s no sound, but they do have shuffleboard. Pretty good beers too. Though not as good as…

ChurchKey @ 1337 14th St NW: If you can stomach the beard and IPA crowd, this is a fine place to set up for the night and drink away. With 555 beers on draft and in bottles, you won’t be hurting for a variety of ales to sooth you woes and celebrate your victories. This also where the famous Shelton brothers work, so if you see Max or Zack -they’re twins -drop the Tutwiler name and see what it gets you. Don’t’ know why they’re famous? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.

Off The Record at the Hay Adams @ 800 16th st NW: Can’t beat the location! Situated right in front of the White House, OTR is a popular spot with the politco set. So if you like to bloviate and opine your way through election nights, this is you spot. Elections, debates, and other political events can fill the place up, so make sure you show up early (Go now!), and the TV is small, but then again you’ll probably be distracted by the blow-hards and know-it-alls around you.