Where Will Novak Appear?

From Drudge:

    While Bob Novak launches his book tour of ‘THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS: 50 YEARS OF REPORTING IN WASHINGTON’ on ‘MEET THE PRESS’ July 15, it is unclear as to whether his former network of 25 years, CNN, will have him on the air to promote a book that reveals the details of their fallout!

    Novak walked off the set on August 4, 2005 after a ranting attack by James Carville that had pushed him over the edge. Novak reveals that “My outburst had taken CNN off the hook, and now they could get rid of me without fear of looking bad for firing their house conservative.”

    It is unlikely Novak will appear on the Jon Stewart’s COMEDY CENTRAL show since it was his comments about ‘CROSSFIRE’ and other political talk shows that put Novak at odds with then President of CNN Jonathan Klein. Klein publicly “quoted and endorsed Jon Stewart’s criticism of what had been CNN’s longest-standing daily feature that still attracted relatively high ratings even though it had been withdrawn from prime time,” writes Novak. Novak, who helped create three top rated political shows for CNN — ‘CROSSFIRE’, ‘THE CAPITAL GANG’ and ‘EVANS & NOVAK’, not to mention his years of commentary and political analysis for the network, writes that Klein “broke the old rule that a TV executive does not denigrate his own product – even after he has cancelled it.”

    Novak will apparently not appear on ‘HARDBALL’ with Chris Matthews either. Matthews, who has not only been relentless on the Valerie Plame story but according to Novak “lied on national television” over an alleged incident with Matthews’ former boss, House Speaker Tip O’Neill. That “ended any relationship between us,” writes Novak.