Where to Get Filthy at London’s Design Festival


For a few weeks as a pre-teen youngster, before growing a fully formed brain, this writer and his idiot friends somehow got convinced that there were treasures being discarded in dumpsters throughout the city. Places like schools, office complexes and big retailers were probably throwing out brand new bikes, fully working computers and possibly, just maybe, boxes of magazines with nudity in them. We really didn’t know what we’d find, but we figured it was there. Unfortunately, we found nothing and got incredibly filthy, only to be yelled at by our respective parents for being stupid. Long intro aside, Dezeen has the scoop on a group of artists and designers who apparently never learned such lessons and will be taking part in Trash Luxe, an exhibit in London at the Liberty gallery during London’s Design Festival (the one that didn’t get the axe). In the exhibit, people like Paul Cocksedge and Ineke Hans will be showing off the remarkably beautiful things they made out of junk. It sounds really interesting, maybe the highlight of the fest. If only our parents had seen the future. Ho hum.