“Where To?” for iPhone Developer Reveals Sales Figures, Profits & Marketing Strategy

I took a look a the Where To? iPhone app (currently on sale for 99 cents – it is normally $2.99) and its 99 cent Augmented Reality add-on last week.

Where To? for iPhone Can Help You Find & Share Places to Go. Optional AR View Adds to Discovery Fun

“Where To?”‘s developer revealed his sales figures this week and the sales story is quite interesting.

Where To? – Three exciting years

Futuretap bought the app from taptaptap (best known for Camera+) in December 2008. The lifetime sales of the app (under both taptaptap and Futuretap is mroe than 328,000 copies for a net sale of $635K. That works out to an average of over $200K per year since its release by taptaptap. It is also interesting to note that one of Futuretap’s strategies to maximize profit was to reduce advertisement costs from $50K in 2009 to near zero in 2010 and 2011. Marketing for the app focuses on getting the word out about it to tech blogs.

Two user-focused statistics are noteworthy:

1. Saturday is the day of the week when the app is most used
2. 6pm is the hour of the day that the app is most used