Where There’s Smoke…

drudgecross.jpg Our heads hurt. Our lungs ache. We’re cranky. It’s not like we were training for the Pasadena Marathon and then it got canceled. But we’ve been trapped inside our house all weekend trying to avoid more smoke inhalation than absolutely necessary. Of course, thinking of LAFD makes the pain subside. Swoon.

We were going to do a whole round up of stories about the fires, but instead we’ll give it up to LAist, who has done a fine job of just that.

We also like Steve Lopez’s column.

And the picture from The Drudge Report. Well, that kind of just says it all. When tornadoes hit the Bible Belt – it’s all just random and terrible – bad things happening to good people. But when California has a natural disaster (which is at least twice a year give or take) it’s because we’re a bunch of perverts.

We would like to point out that the parts of town that are burning – voted FOR prop 8. Ahem.