Where the Wild Things Are, On Facebook

Facebook Where the Wild Things Are-2The movie version of the popular children’s book Where the Wild Things Are is set to premier this Friday, and its Facebook page appears to be riding the success of a multimedia advertising blitz. It has grown from 72,000 users on the first of the month to 1.37 million fans today.

The page itself has been getting updated nearly every day acting as a sort of hub for other promotional efforts. There are links to various trailer videos, behind-the-scenes footage, music from the film, sneak-peaks and other features. Besides YouTube previews, the Warner Bros. movie also has a nice-looking iPhone app, and even a hipster clothing line.

Facebook Where the Wild Things Are-1

The page includes some other notable interactive features. One is some sort of app where you can upload profile photos, and include a picture of your face instead of the main character’s within a cutout photo. There are also tabs for videos and the soundtrack. The page has had impressive growth overall. Since the 1st, the fewest users it gained in a day was 60,000.

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